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About Us

The Lacey Family Foundation

The Lacey Family Foundation was born from the idea that supporting nonprofit animal therapy organizations can advance many health benefits they provide to improve the everyday lives of those that need it most.


Fortunately, there are many people and organizations dedicated to making animal-assisted therapy a reality. These countless nonprofits and volunteers are key to the development and care-bringing that stem from animal therapy.


These well-documented practices involve work to address physical, mental, and emotional well-being to aid in the healing process that changes lives in immeasurable ways.


We are inspired by them and strive to aid them in their worthy endeavors.


Our Mission

Dedicated to the Healing Power of Animals

Founded in 2014, The Lacey Family Foundation recognizes the progress and successes of charitable and educational organizations in capitalizing on the powerful bond of human to animal connection to heal the body and soul.
The key to our mission is our principles …​
  • We give to established 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations where we believe our donation will make a difference

  • We support the communities in which we live and work that have a presence in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states

  • Diversity in our giving is important to us - both in the organizations' causes and in the animals

  • We aim to make multiple-year grants to organizations who have achieved measurable and sustainable growth

  • We foster the education of animal therapy to improve understanding of health benefits

Our Mission
Our People

Meet Our People

Our Story

Our Story

Raising Awareness and United in Support of Animal Therapy NonProfits. 

Together We Can Make a Difference for Those in Need.

We seek out proven organizations, team up key constituents, and raise awareness on the positive impact of animal therapy.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are financially independent and sponsor a variety of organizations and projects focused on these beneficial practices.


We wholeheartedly advocate the powerful bond between humans and animals.


Therapies available today allow a variety of programs to improve physical and mental health across many human conditions.  Our voice enhances the connection to build closer relations among animal therapy caregivers, supporting networks, and those that can benefit.

Learn more about what we believe makes an organization a worthy partner in our mission to help people through the healing nature of animal therapy.

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