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Providing charitable support to non-profit organizations that enhance the healing power between humans and animals.
Our process is simple.  Review our Guidelines, download our Application Instructions, and Apply online.

Information provided in our guidelines clearly expresses those service programs that would be considered as well as details on timing and guarantees.


We suggest that you download our application instructions that request details about your organizations and grant logistics. If you are ready to start the application inquiry process, please click “Apply”.  

Grant Process

Grant Guidelines

We only fund animal therapy 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
Meeting Guidelines in Seeking Financial Support

Our process ensures that grants are distributed to qualified organizations.  Businesses must demonstrate measurable and sustainable growth through our application inquiry.  Through this process, we determine if requests meet our mission and funds align with the growth of a non-profit organization.


Each submission is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure each application addresses these overlying requirements:

  1. Grant request organization is USA based and located on the East Coast from Washington, DC to New England.

  2. Grant request meets the goals of our mission

  3. Grant request demonstrates the organization's ability to be sustainable and focused on growth

  4. Grant request expresses a clear purpose, plan of action, and communication of achievable results

Download Application Instructions Here.

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Application Instructions.

To make your application process run smoothly, please download our application instructions (PDF).  This document asks the same information in our application inquiry, plus adds a few pointers that won't be online.  Please note that your application conducted online will not save when leaving the website until you’ve completed all questions and hit submit.  So, it is recommended that completing the instructions offline first will help you apply online.

Grant Distributions.

The annual total grant allocation across all organizations is $10,000 to $15,000.  The average individual grant ranges from $2,000 to $4,000.


Grant requests are on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Those applicants that request funding within a specific year should apply prior to October 15th.  Funding decisions each year will be made by November 30th. All applications will be notified whether submissions will be considered for eligibility within 15 to 60 days of submission.  Those applications that are deemed eligible will receive distribution information and value prior to December 15th of each year. 


For eligible applications, funding distributions are directly connected to key milestones that are expressed in the application.  If such milestones aren’t achievable or do not meet agreed-upon expectations, The Lacey Family Foundation reserves the right to limit or end funding as specified in the granting process.

Grant Guidelines
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